About Us

Ophthalytics is a revolutionary AI-based diagnostic platform for eye diseases currently under FDA clearance. The platform has multiple service offerings that autonomously detect highly complex eye-related diseases, including the vision-threatening disease called Diabetic Retinopathy.

Who We Are?

Ophthalytics was founded by top industry experts, a global multidisciplinary team of physicians, AI experts, cloud engineers, and data scientists currently working in the world’s leading organizations.

Every member is extensively trained, holds either a Master and Doctorate degree, and is rigorously experienced within their professions, making them the ideal driving leaders who have shaped Ophthalytics to become a vital resource within the healthcare technology industry.

Giving Patients the Primary Eye Care They Deserve

A team of specialized eye doctors and innovative Artificial Intelligence experts have come together and committed themselves to design a cutting-edge AI-based deep learning platform called Ophthalytics.

Developed by adopting the latest medical standards of lesion assessments, Ophthalytics is a progressive eye diagnostic service that has now reached quintessential performance after many years of advanced testing and trials. Our highly tuned, deep learning algorithms have been trained on hundreds and thousands of eye imagery, multiple eye diseases, including Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, and AMD.

Today, Ophthalytics is available to many users, including primary healthcare clinics, other medical facilities, and ophthalmologists. Ophthalytics can effectively and accurately detect Diabetic Retinopathy signs in the earliest stages, ultimately protecting patients from Vision Impairment or completely losing their ability to see ever again.

What Ophthalytics is not?

Ophthalytics is not meant to replace ophthalmologists or optometrists. Instead, it reduces the workload of Eye Specialists as accurate AI assistants to provide better-quality eye care and prevent vision loss in diabetics.

About Us

Benefits of Ophthalytics

  • User-friendly: Easy to understand and utilize for DR assessment.
  • Requirements for use are easily accessible: Only a high-speed internet connection and a laptop/mobile/pc device to access the service.
  • Cost savings and increase earning potential: Reduce capital on unnecessary infrastructure upgrades and extend your treating patient list with ROI.

A Quick Eye Exam with Ophthalytics (DR Assessment)

  • An Ophthalytics exam adds a maximum of 1 minute to the current length of an eye assessment.
  • Images are uploaded to the AI-based diagnostic service that analyses the images for signs of Diabetic Retinopathy.
  • A comprehensive diagnostic report is generated that indicates mild, moderate, or severe diabetic retinopathy.
  • The patient can quickly be referred to an ophthalmologist for further diagnosis, or the patient will be asked to re-examine depending on the results.