Who Can We Help


Primary Care Physicians

  • Primary care physicians can take advantage of the revolutionary eye screening capabilities at their facility.
  • Saving tremendous costs and valuable time
  • Improving HEDIS measures and CMS 5-Star quality care ratings and enhancing the member experience, engagement, and outcomes.
  • Test and give results to patients on the same day.


  • Optometrists can offer Ophthal-360 software to expand the practice’s reach.
  • Provide screening, reporting, and referrals in one visit to make it more convenient for patients.

Endocrinologists / Diabetologists

Patients with vision-threatening retinopathy can be identified in the clinic in real-time by an endocrinologist or diabetologist, so they can be referred to an eye specialist to save their vision.


  • Ophthalytics system provides added info and confidence for Ophthalmologists to make an accurate diagnosis.
  • Avoid misdiagnoses by implementing Explainable AI to pinpoint where the disease is

Medical Schools

Advanced teaching and learning opportunities are available to educate students for the future of diagnostics.

Nurses & Educators

  • Improve patient care by using Ophthalytics AI Eye Screening to screen for diabetic retinopathy without the requirement for an on-site eye care doctor.
  • Create a platform for diabetic patients to educate about eye disease, its treatment, and the benefits of diabetic retinopathy screening.

Remote Eye Clinic (Rural Areas)

Ophthalytics provides access to complementary technology for developing and third-world countries. This means that limited access to eye specialists will not be an issue with this service. Eye technicians can efficiently operate this system and refer patients entirely remotely.

Insurance Providers

  • Allow health systems to offer diabetes treatment to patients in primary care settings, including eye exams.
  • Improve HEDIS measures and CMS 5-Star quality care ratings
  • Reduce the cost of retinal exams by transferring them from Ophthalmologist to primary care.

Device Manufactures

Manufacturers of fundus machines can integrate our software into their continuity plans to detect Diabetic Retinopathy independently.


  • Cost-efficient and time-saving for Telemedicine.
  • Instant results on automated screening for signs of DR less than 10 seconds.
  • Improves the ability to identify diseases and avoid misdiagnoses.